First Serve – New Mexico is celebrating 16 years of serving the children and youth of Santa Fe.

Teaching Academic Excellence

Our tutoring enables each student to get the most out of the gift of education. We provide:

  • Individualized tutoring twice a week, for a total of four hours each week
  • A 4 to 1 student-to-tutor ratio, ensuring each student gets the attention they need
  • Grade monitoring
  • Specialists who tutor children struggling in core subjects
  • Skills in organization and prioritization
  • Test-taking skills for all grades, to build cumulative knowledge on how to ace even the toughest tests
  • Effective study habits
  • Games and activities formulated to strengthen an array of critical thinking and academic skills, for when homework is finished

Life Skills Mentoring

Our life skills curriculum is built to instill within each student a sense of personal security. Among many things, our life skills specialists teach students:

  • How to present themselves and engage with new people in a respectful and professional manner
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sportsmanship (FSNM has a reputation for having stellar sportsmanship in competition)
  • Proper manners
  • How to give and take constructive criticism
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

Intensive Tennis Training

Our tennis training has produced some of the strongest student players in Santa Fe and Pojoaque. This component of our program gives students:

  • Two hours of training with PTR certified coaches, twice a week
  • Extra tournament training on Fridays, for more advanced players
  • An 8 week summer camp, which takes place in the mornings Monday – Thursday, plus USTA tournaments
  • Honing of physical dexterity and fitness
  • Honesty and integrity on and off the court
  • The art of winning and losing with dignity
  • Experience in competition
  • The skills for self discipline
  • A great time! Training also involves many fun games and activities, and sometimes tournaments in other cities