How First Serve—New Mexico impacts our students

This video shows students from 3rd grade through college, and the impact FSNM has had on their lives.

Five Fast Facts

  • This free program consists of four hours of academic tutoring and life skills coaching, and four hours of tennis instruction per week.
  • We provide a free 8-week summer tennis and reading camp for students in the program.
  • Our 4:1 student to instructor ratio guarantees the necessary one-on-one attention shown to yield results.
  • The importance of being a family is a predominant feature of FSNM
  • Last year, FSNM had an 86% retention rate, and we expect this trend to continue.

Our Mission

First Serve — New Mexico exists to strengthen the lives and enhance the character of Santa Fe’s children through education, life skills, and tennis. It is founded on the belief that the combination of these activities in a supportive environment can:

  • Change a child’s total trajectory from mediocre to excellent in academics, life skills, and tennis
  • Transform a child’s life from apathy to involvement and from shyness to confidence
  • Give each child a stronger sense of self, and an inherent respect for others

Quotes from Students and Parents


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