“… I had failing grades. [After joining First Serve], whenever my parents were not able to help me with math and science, I was able to put a smile on my face because I looked forward to tutoring. I felt relief and the stress soon fade away. My scores were getting higher in each class and I had a chance of confidence in my classes. I was able to raise my hand to answer the problem loud and proud.”

— First year participant, 8th grade

Our tutoring enables each student to get the most out of the gift of education. We provide:

  • Individualized tutoring twice a week, for a total of four hours each week
  • A 4:1 student-to-tutor ratio, ensuring each student gets the attention they need
  • Grade monitoring
  • Specialists who tutor children struggling in core subjects
  • Skills in organization and prioritization
  • Test-taking skills for all grades, to build cumulative knowledge on how to ace even the toughest tests
  • Effective study habits
  • Games and activities formulated to strengthen an array of critical thinking and academic skills, for when homework is finished

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